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Privacy policy

1. General provisions

1.1. Administration of the Internet site hauberk.de (hereinafter - the "Site") shall endeavor to protect your personal data and your privacy when using our software on your PC. 1.2. Site administration believes that the use of personal or confidential information largely determines the objectives of our company's business conduct and affects its reputation. This Privacy Statement (the "Statement") has been developed within our adopted Privacy Policy. 1.3. In this Statement, you are given information about what sensitive information about you we need to process in order to provide better services.

2. Usage of information

2.1. You may visit the site hauberk.de any time convenient for you without giving us any information about you. Your personal data shall be collected only when you decide to use our software and take advantage of our services provided on this website. 2.2. Administration of Site hauberk.de shall collect and use information about you, including: - your personal data (full name, country and city of residence); - your e-mail address, contact telephone number (mobile and/or fixed line). 2.2. Your personal data and information about you shall be used for the purpose of the most complete, high-quality, efficient, reliable services, including support and assistance in responding to requests sent by you, for providing information about services provided by our site hauberk.de. In addition, your data referred to in paragraph 2.2 hereof may be necessary in order to provide you with informational materials about our new services and software. Your personal information is necessary for our company's staff to provide you with quality service, to maintain constant contact with you, including informing you about changes in tariffs and conditions of use of the services provided, special offers for the users of software, bonuses and gifts to our loyal customers, failures and prevention maintenances of resources and services of the site, to eliminate the technical problems in the work of the site, to send information on ongoing surveys and tests, including updates and new versions of software that you already use. Added to that, our company's staff need your personal data for your identification as a user of the site and our customer, who has already been using our software, to improve resources and services of the site, to protect your personal data and information from unlawful acts of third parties, as well as to achieve other objectives in line with the professional activities of our company.

3. Data collection and cookies

3.1. To use our company's products offered on the site hauberk.de, you need to provide information about yourself. This information is used to record your wishes to our products and services, answer questions about our offerings, and collect information and opinions about work of our website. 3.2. Site resources provide for option of "cookies" - small text piece of data about the history of user's requests to an Internet server, automatically created by the server on a personal computer. Most of the currently available browsers (web-browsers) are able to detect the presence of these "fragments" on the sites and allow web site users to decide for themselves whether they agree with this option. If you are not sure whether your browser allows you to detect the presence of such an option, contact the company-manufacturer of software installed on your computer, technical support department in your company or Internet provider company.

3.3. Cookies are created and used for the convenience of the site users and for collection of information about them. Those who use the services of our company site should pay attention to the fact that most of the information that we have collected about users by means of the cookies, is purely statistical in nature (the domain from which you enter the Internet, the date and time of use of site resources and services, e-mail address of the site from which you get link to our site, etc). This information does not contain information on personal data and the user's identity. We need information on the number of users, who visited our site, to improve site performance and user-friendliness of the site services, including collecting statistics on the number of users using our products. 3.4. Our company's products that you use may collect additional information from your computer (frequency of use of the product, system name, version, type, IP address of viewport that installed our product on your personal computer and installation date). We use this information with a single purpose: to improve our products and services that we provide to you. When you purchase our products from this site, you need to give personal information, including number of your credit card or other financial instrument, with which you make a payment (purses of virtual payment systems, current account, actual address of residence in the case of payment by postal order, etc) for placing invoice. The information you provide for invoice shall be collected and processed by us only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement. The data you provide will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances, except for public authorities, requiring the company to provide financial statements and tax returns. We can have access to all details of your payment, excluding your financial data (number of credit or bank card or other payment methods) for the license authentication, statistical data, as well as for your notification and support when using our products.

4. Transfer of user information to third parties

4.1. Administration of site hauberk.de shall not transfer your personal data and personal information about you to third parties without your prior consent, including the sale, use, sharing of this information, except as permitted by current legislation of Latvia and requirements of enforcement agencies and courts. 4.2. Personal data and information you have provided shall be kept in our company as long as necessary to perform the tasks for which it was collected, or within the period provided for by the current legislation of Latvia. The information you provide may be transferred to our company's official partners when it is necessary to carry out professional activities or for purposes, for which such information was provided by you. 4.3. Administration of site www.hauberk.de shall reserve the right to disclose personal information at lawful request of the authorized bodies, in order to protect the interests of our company, to comply with the guidelines, as well as to protect the rights, property or safety of third parties. 4.4. Our services may be provided, complete with services and products provided by third parties both in association with our company and by our official partners independently. Registration for usage of these products and services shall confirm your consent to transfer personal data and information provided by you not only to our company, but also its official partners. 4.5. By providing administration of the site hauberk.de with the information in electronic form, you agree that it shall be open for access to site users in other countries in the cases provided for herein.

5. Information protection

5.1. Administration of site hauberk.de can develop and use other regulations and documents, including software, services and procedures for keeping and protecting your personal data and information, as well as for protecting such information from the loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. Our company's staff, who have access to such information, have the necessary skills to ensure the confidentiality of the data and prevent its use by third parties without your prior consent and without prior notice to our company.

6. Children

6.1. Administration of site hauberk.de shall not use the personal data of minors under any circumstances. Our services, including downloading and using software available on this website, may be used only by persons who have attained age providing for full capacity, in accordance with the laws of the country of their residence.

6. Amendments

6.1. Administration of site hauberk.de shall reserve the right, if necessary, to amend this Statement, without obligation to notify persons who use our software and/or our services. You can find yourself information about amendments to this Statement on the webpage at: https://hauberk.de/download/privacy_policy.html. The amendments to this Statement shall come into force from the date of their official publication on the above page. If you are using our software and our services after the effective date of such amendments you give your consent to of these amendments.

7. Contact us

7.1. Should you have any questions about services and resources of the site, problems and difficulties with downloading, installing and using our software, or if you want to share your opinion about our products and services, as well as in case of violation of the terms hereof by third parties, please send a message to the following address: support@hauberk.de

8. Refund policy

8.1 If you are not satisfied with any software purchased from the hauberk.de, contact us within 30 days of your purchase to receive a refund. Refunds requested more than 30 days after your initial purchase date will not be issued unless the transaction was subject to a fraudulent purchase. 8.2 If you are issued a refund, it should appear on your credit card statement within 48 hours. Upon receiving your refund you must uninstall or stop using the software products you have asked a refund for. 8.3 This Refund Policy applies only to software purchased directly from hauberk.de If your software was purchased through a 3rd party, it must be returned to the 3rd party and is subject to the return policies of that vendor. 8.4 If you have any questions regarding this Refund Policy please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@hauberk.de

9. Final provisions

9.1. This Statement shall apply to all resources, services and products posted and used on the official website of our company www.hauberk.de. The official partners of our company have their own privacy policy, which may differ from the terms hereof. Should you go to the website of our company's official partner, terms of this Statement shall cease to apply. We strongly recommend that you carefully review the privacy policy of our official partners before you use the services and products, information available on the pages of their online resources. 9.2. Using products, resources and services of our company's site you agree to this Statement.