PC SpeedUp and protection tools. Made in Germany.
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Hauberk Cleaner

The software optimizes and speeds up Windows up to 30% on each PC from a powerful game station to an old laptop.

Software features:

  • Finds and fixes problems slowing down Windows performance;
  • Cleans the registry and unnecessary files;
  • Detects and removes viruses;
  • Speeds up games and other programs using “Turbo mode”;
  • Configures the startup program;
  • Features German quality, no viruses, round-the-clock support.
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Instead of purchasing a new PC

How can you quickly increase your PC productivity with no need of costly hardware update? You don’t need to know, Hauberk Cleaner knows!

In a few minutes Hauberk Cleaner finds and fixes all the productivity issues, cleans the registry and unnecessary files, increases your application launch time and customizes Windows in the most optimal way. As a result, you’ll increase productivity of your PC up to 30% making it faster and more stable!

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PC games are up to 20% faster!

Is your PC too slow for just released PC games? Do you want your Photoshop to work faster? Do you need more resources for video editing? Do your friends advise you to “kill” unnecessary processes. Specialists recommend you clean the registry. Manuals require to set correct settings on you graphic processor. We advise you to enable turbo mode in Hauberk Cleaner.

Turbo mode option will temporary disable some unnecessary system processes to release more resources for your games and applications. It will increase your speed in games up to 20%!

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Hauberk software is stylish, stable and easy-to-use

Hauberk Cleaner is easy to use, well designed and made with stylish design. It has been created with the German pedantry and attention to details. It has great interaction with any application and doesn’t require much system recourses for its work.

Hauberk Cleaner will save your PC from errors and “lags” and save you from stresses appearing during hang-ups and breaking.

User reviews

Novgorod, Russia

I can’t say that my computer is the weakest but Windows hangs sometimes. I forgot about such slow operation of computer after Hauberk Cleaner cure. Thank you, Hauberk!

Valencia, Spain

My laptop has worked slowly and my friend advised to check it with the Hauberk Cleaner. Actually, I am not really good at computers, but easily sorted out in this program. Hauberk Cleaner detected and repaired more than 1000 bugs and errors!

Aachen, Germany

I liked that the program repaired absolutely for free most of bugs, so I could ascertain that Hauberk Cleaner works before purchase. "Turbomode" is a really handy option - I use it when I watch movies and play games.

What do you think about Hauberk Cleaner? We appreciate your opinion. We attentively read all the letters and answer all your questions.
Please contact us at support@hauberk.de or via the contact form.

Let’s conclude: Let’s conclude:

Hauberk Cleaner speeds up your PC up to 30% and makes it more stable, speeds up games and other programs up to 20%, allows you to save money on purchasing costly hardware. So, as a result, Dr. Hauberk will save your time, money and nerves!