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Hauberk Parental Control

Complete control of the kid in the Internet!

  • Protect your kids from pornography, vulgar words and unwanted contacts in Internet
  • Monitor how long and when your kid uses the Internet
  • Know what web resources your kids visit
  • Manage Parental Control remotely
  • Automatic setup according to the age of the kid, or manual setting of all the parameters
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Safe Internet for child

What will happen with your child on the Internet? Anything - gigabytes of data: millions of photos, social networks, thousands of videos, "interesting" dates, online games, scientific knowledge, etc. But how a parent or tutor can be sure that such photos and videos are not pornographic, social networking and games will not cause addiction, and "dates" do not result in meeting with a pedophile?

There is inly one answer - you must use a program that would monitor the Internet for the child. Hauberk Parental Control - allows parents to easily protect the child from undesirable information in the network, configure the access time to the Internet, as well as to be aware of your child’s pastime in front of the computer.

Be sure your children are safe with Hauberk Parental Control!

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Remote monitoring and information about child’s pastime

One of the main advantages of the Hauberk Parental Control program is Web interface that gives the access to all program functions from anywhere in the world. All you need to protect your child is to install client program on his computer, then you do not need to use your child’s computer every time to change the settings or get information about what sites he visited - all can be done remotely using a web interface.

Just imagine that at work, or on a business trip, you can always change any security settings, check the sites your child is visiting, and even look through his personal letters in real time.

In fact, Hauberk Parental Control, besides protection, allows to spy on kid’s computer – that’s all for the safety of children!

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Style, comfort, stability – that’s all about "Hauberk"

It is very easy to understand how Hauberk Parental Control program works. In fact, all you need to do is to install the software on the child’s computer and to choose the child’s age - then all the security settings will switch automatically. If you would like to have more control over the child’s computer, view the history of visited Web sites, child’s letters, set up time of access to the network - all this you can easily do through a web interface, access to which you will get during installation.

The program is very easy to manage, has a friendly user interface and stylish design. It was created with true German thoroughness and attention to details.

Hauberk Parental Control is a certainly best choose for control and protection your child from harmful network content.




User reviews

Hamburg, Germany

I did not think that I would succeed in Hauberk Parental Control installation and setup, but it was really easy! Thanks to Hauberk specialists!


It’s beyond expression how we are grateful to Hauberk company! Thanks to Hauberk Parental Control we managed to prevent serious mental disorder of our son - as it turned out, he was interested in suicide methods!

Warszawa, Poland

With Hauberk Parental Control - I know exactly how much time my 13-year-old daughter spends behind the computer - no more than 3 hours a day. She began to spend more time outdoors and has good academic progress!

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Let’s conclude: Let’s conclude:

• Hauberk Parental Control provides complete protection against pornography, obscenities, and other undesirable information in the network;
• Optionally allows you to follow the child - check visited websites, read his personal letters;
• Allows you to use the program remotely from any spot of the world;
• All above-listed directly affects the physical and mental health of the child in the best possible way;
• Do not rescue your child’s health - try Hauberk Parental Control!