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Hauberk Firewall

High-quality tiny firewall from Hauberk. All your network connections are under control.

  • Control all connections your applications request
  • Control the launch of the applications
  • Web filter. Work with the white/black lists of keywords/websites
  • Convenient diagrams of the network activity
  • Fantastic management ergonomics
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Best anti-Trojan protection

It is well-known fact that there are lots of viruses and “trojans”. And even trusted applications at first sight can surreptitiously collect and send your personal information to the Internet. So how could you be 100% sure that your computer is secured? Hauberk Firewall German program will help to answer this question.

Our program helps to block Internet access for all programs except trusted. Be sure your system is secured.

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The whole network is in plain sight!

Using Hauberk Firewall you can receive visual information about each network connection of your computer, e.g. number of application that have access to the Internet, type of connection, traffic consumption of each program, etc. All this information is presented in the form of beautiful network activity graphics.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Internet!

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Style, convenience and stability – it’s all about “Hauberk”

Hauberk Firewall includes all necessary modes and options. It is useful not only for dummies, but also for advanced users. Program has friendly interface and fashionable design. It was designed in the spirit of true German pedantry and attention to details. This program does not conflict with all applications and almost does not use system resources.

This program does not conflict with all applications and almost does not use system resources.

User reviews

New York, USA

I’ve been using other Hauberk company product - Hauberk Cleaner for a long time. I’m very pleased with the quality. That’s why I trusted my network security to Hauberk Firewall.

Valencia, Spain

As a matter of fact Hauberk Firewall is just an ordinary firewall. But, firstly it is really easy, secondly it’s quite cheap, and thirdly, it’s absolutely nice ;-)

Aachen, Germany

Hauberk Firewall has helped to protect my data from potential threats. It is amazing how many applications have had an access to the Internet from my computer without my consent.

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Let’s conclude: Let’s conclude:

Hauberk Firewall protects your computer and your data from spyware software; allows to monitor your Internet traffic in very convenient way; provides visual information about your network connections; has an ergonomic and stylish design; has beneficial price compared with other Firewalls. Hauberk Firewall is the best choice for computer protection and network monitoring.